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Commercial Painting and Decorating... With No Imperfections, No Mess, and No Complicated Prices

ABK are the leading commercial painting and decorating contractors for Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and London. Our client base is wide-ranging – from Empire Cinemas and McVities, through to residential dwellings, with projects between £1,000 and £1 million.

Floor painting example

Impress your visitors with our vinyl wallpaper...

Floor painting

No areas are beyond reach...

We can carry out internal and external painting and decorating, from a complete redecoration project to just specific areas such as: 

  • Meeting rooms
  • Storage areas
  • Corridors
  • Kitchens
  • Toilet blocks
  • External masonry and cladding

Our clients include schools and colleges


Spray painting allows larger areas to be covered quickly

We use conventional roller/brush for small areas and spray equipment for larger areas. The vast range of products we use cover:

  • Vinyl wallpaper and printed image vinyl wallpaper (this is popular to have in reception areas and meeting rooms)
  • Diamond matt paint, this has a harder wearing surface and is washable so ideal for kitchen areas
  • A full range of specialist coatings such as hygiene paint that actively inhibits bacteria and used in medical rooms

We know of a suitable paint product for any area inside and outside of a commercial and residential building.

Health & Safety

All our works are preceded with Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS), this together with our own strict Health & Safety policy enables us to put safety first every step of the way. We also carry full employers and public liability insurances.

Access Equipment

We have all our own specialist equipment and plant which includes: Cherry pickers, towers, crawling boards, roof ladders, Class 1 steps & ladders and specialist spray equipment. All the equipment is regularly PAT tested. We work at short notice and out of hours.

Customer Care

Our Head Office team provides additional support to our clients and on-site operatives. We assign a dedicated Project Manager to oversee your works and quality control. All our operatives are highly qualified in the trade and hold CSCS status and have been recently CRB checked.

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All Workmanship Includes Our 1 Year Guarantee

Spot any imperfections with our work within one year of completion and we'll come back and do it again. No questions, no fuss, and complete peace of mind.

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