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Everything looks better when the sun is shining, or does it?

Well, the sun gives us a renewed energy, a feeling of excitement and a more positive outlook. We get the urge to clean and tidy, make everything feel fresh, ready in anticipation for those long summer days. But we spend a lot of our summer days at work in offices, warehouses, factories wishing that we could be in our garden or lazing on a beach in the Algarve.

We are extremely lucky in the work we do; as we have been painting, decorating and renovating since 1967, we help make everything bright, fresh and new everyday! Our decorating teams say that the most rewarding part of a painting job is ‘the transformation and client satisfaction’. Well to be honest, our promise is, “We will deliver a high quality service and meticulous finish like no other.”

From our experience, we have seen that freshly painted offices can uplift staff. Using corporate colours in a reception gives distinction and using colours in specific places gives an instant visual recognition, such as communal or meeting areas. Painting walls can give a tired looking warehouse or factory a more appealing look and can lift the spirits of those working in these areas.

Faded cladding on the outside of buildings can look lifeless and dull, with just a few coats of protective paint; it can change an impression of a business in a very short time. The building will stand out so the business will get noticed more too. Our specialist painting teams are experts and cladding painting is just one of the many specialist painting types they do.

A lot of larger, older buildings are used not just as residential homes but as offices, some with historical recognition need constant restoration and repairs, especially to areas like wooden windows and masonry. Specialist resin repair work on rotten woodwork can increase the longevity of most wooden feature windows, frames and sills. Our painters are skilled in applying the resins and restoring woodwork as new. Our renovation team can repair and prepare masonry ready for paintwork. We advise and provide colour options for all heritage paint colours and ranges to suit the older style properties.

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