Cobstone Windmill Case Study

External Decorations to a Windmill – Case Study

Overlooking the hamlet of Turville Heath and used substantially in the filming of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Project Requirements

External painting of the complete Cobstone windmill in Ibstone including the top of the windmill dome and the sails.

Solution Implemented

We used a brilliant white external ICI Dulux Weathershield masonry paint on the middle part of the windmill and black ICI Dulux Weathershield masonry paint on the bottom and dome parts. For the sails we used the ICI Dulux Weathershield gloss system, we also used this on the door and windows.

Challenges Overcome

The height and angle that we needed to reach the top of the windmill dome and sails was quite a challenge especially as the ground around it was uneven, however, by safely levelling our large 21M cherry picker by careful leg height adjustment we successfully managed to complete the work in the time frame requested.


The painting of this famous windmill made it stand out even more over the hamlet of Turville Heath.  On this page, you will find some imagery relating to works completed on the project. For further information about this or any other project carried out by the ABK team please contact us directly via the office.

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