Interior Decoration, Cookham Dean – Case Study

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Internal decoration project

Interior Decoration, Cookham Dean 

Internal decoration and to various rooms and items in this large property overlooking the River Thames.

Project Requirements

A re-decoration project where we provided a list of areas priced individually for the client to select which he required to be painted as the highest priority. In one of the areas, we advised that the shelving display unit could be painted to modernise it. 

Solution Implemented

The unit was originally white, we did a full preparation including a specialist gripper primer and the client was delighted with the dark grey modern look.

Challenges Overcome

As we were already working in several areas of the property and the project was going well we did not charge the client for this extra.


The client was really pleased with the outcome. On this page, you will find some imagery relating to works completed on the project. For further information about this or any other project carried out by the ABK team please contact us directly via the office. 


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