Recent Internal Decoration Work… Our availability…

Recent Internal Decorating Work

We have been fortunate again to carry out decorating work to some lovely properties.


The picture montage shows some of the pictures we took once we had finished the work.

You can view more in our gallery

We are still open for business

ABK is no stranger to cleanliness and conscientiousness we can offer the following assurances;


Healthy Craftsmen

We certainly will not be visiting your property with any obvious symptoms of the COVID-19 virus such as a new continuous cough and/or high temperature/loss of taste and smell.



Quick Quotes & Easy Communication

We have developed an effective method of quoting by reviewing images and videos sent to us by email, WhatsApp on 07919 887211 and social media direct message etc.

Our workers are available to liaise with directly on their personal phones and the office numbers are open through normal business hours – 01494 465566.


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